Wine Clubs That Ship to Alaska

Wine Clubs That Ship to Alaska

When it comes to ordering a bottle of wine, you want to make sure that you get the best quality. There are a lot of places where you can order your wine. You can even find wine clubs that will ship your wine to your home. This is the kind of service that you really want.


Plonk Wine Club is a subscription wine club that offers a unique selection of hand-selected, boutique wines. Their goal is to provide organic, sustainably-sourced wines that are unique and memorable. They offer a wide range of membership options to fit any budget.

For just $12 a month, you get four bottles of red, white, or a blend. Each shipment is carefully curated by a sommelier. You can also opt for a six-bottle half case or a 12-bottle full case.

Plonk uses eco-friendly methods for shipping its wine, and you can order single bottles directly from the company. They ship their wines to customers across the country. There is no fee for shipping, and Plonk also offers free replacement for any damaged bottles.

One of the best things about Plonk is the fact that they only use organic grapes in their vineyards. Unlike many wine clubs, Plonk avoids using chemicals that can damage the natural flavor of the grapes. The company is also dedicated to supporting biodynamic diversity, which is the cultivation of plants and animals without pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Naked Wines

Naked Wines is a wine subscription service that connects customers with indie winemakers. Customers can buy a variety of wines from their website. Interested buyers can choose from hundreds of wines in different styles, flavors, and price points.

Naked Wines offers a large variety of wines, including both red and white varieties. The company partners with indie winemakers to bring you these award-winning wines at a great price. You can order as many bottles as you want from the website.

Naked Wines offers free shipping to 43 of the 50 United States. Orders are shipped via FedEx and GSO. However, you may pay for additional shipping costs depending on the location. For instance, there are charges of $70 for Hawaii and $130 for Alaska.

Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines are wines that are made without additives. They are also vegan, paleo friendly and have low sulfite levels. This is great news for anyone who has been feeling like they need a break from drinking alcohol.

The Dry Farm Wines wine club, which features vintners who use dry farming techniques, offers a range of wines with the health benefits of lower alcohol content and sugar content. These include a selection of Bold Reds, Classic Reds and a Mixed Subscription.

A member will receive a shipment every month. This includes six to twelve bottles of varying styles, including reds, whites and ros├ęs. One subscription costs $179, while two cost $323.

During the warmer months, an ice pack will be included to keep your wine cool. If you’d rather not wait for your shipment, you can also purchase a blind box tasting kit.

Robert Mondavi

The Robert Mondavi wine club has a lot to offer Alaskan wine enthusiasts. This renowned winery has been crafting some of the world’s finest wines for over a century.

The Robert Mondavi wine club boasts a number of membership options. There’s the Limited Series, the Trio, and the Collectors Club, to name just a few. These packages showcase some of the most impressive bottles in the wine industry.

For example, the Limited Series has a limited edition bottle of Opus One to swoon over. Also, there are several blind box tasting kits available, making it easy to try out the wares of a few of the best wineries on the planet. Lastly, the Collectors Club gives a nod to small-batch labels, notably Moscato Mania and the granddaddy of them all, To Kalon Vineyard Reserve.


Firstleaf Wine Club offers a variety of award-winning wines for an affordable price. It delivers wine directly to subscribers’ homes. The company works with both domestic and international winemakers to source high-quality wines from all over the world. You can choose from a wide selection of red or white wines.

Firstleaf’s customer service is available seven days a week from 9 AM to 8 PM ET. They answer questions and concerns about the wine club. In addition to their service, they offer special discounts for members. Firstleaf is committed to providing customers with personalized, customer-centric services. The company’s team of wine experts travels around the world to source top-quality wines from both international and domestic winemakers. This means that each member of the club receives a customized selection of wines.